Cheap Jeremy Scott Takes The Wild Wings 3.0 To The Forest

If it’s from cheap jeremy scott, you know it’s going to be wild, and this latest release of the adidas Wings 3.0 is nothing short of untamed fury straight out of the deepest depths of the forest. In fact, the colorway of the famous winged sneakers could actually help protect you from any wild beast you may encounter with their all-over camouflage print to keep you inconspicuous among the trees. However, outside of a wooded area and back in civilization, these are going to stick out like a sore thumb. The adidas Originals by replica jeremy scott Wins 3.0 “Camo” are available now at select retailers like Rock City Kicks.

Entirely defeating the purpose of camouflage, jeremy scott adidas creates the most eye-catching sneaker ever adorned with the often-used motif. This is camo like you’ve never seen it before, featured on the already alarming adidas JS Wings 3.0 and its multi-layered winged upper. We’re going to say it’s safe to assume you won’t ever see anybody hunting in these. Possibly the most unique camouflage shoe you’ve ever seen, the JS Wings 3.0 “Camo” will be arriving at adidas Originals by cheap jeremy scott stockists beginning in late November.